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I am a bit obsessed with list articles or "list-icles" as they are also affectionately called. I really live for seeing New York Magazine's The Strategist and Buzzfeed articles show up on my feed with trendy or "grail" products to try. The celebrity endorsement part of these lists is not so important to me, I've just always enjoyed peeking behind the curtain of people's lives. Call me nosey, but I think it's fascinating and there it is! And honestly, who doesn't love a good recco'?

So this month, I thought I would share my own grail list of products that I simply cannot get enough of. 


1. Delush CBD Magic Stick 

This little stick is the literal biz'niz and has saved my body on more than one occasion from the wear and tear of working with my hands for a living. It's a CBD lotion stick roll-on that self-heats as it absorbs into your skin when you rub it on your sore spots. It's amazing for joint pain and headaches, which I get a ton of. You can also use it for menstrual cramps as well. I'm a little addicted to the smell as well, it's nice and light but a little heady. One stick lasts a good while, too!


2. Crocs Classic Clogs in Taffy Pink

This is a slightly controversial topic but I could not care less, I am newly obsessed with Crocs. I used to think they were pretty much the ugliest shoes in the world, until I put a pair on and felt the magic. If you own a pair, you know what I'm talking about! They have these little massaging nubs on the soles so you basically get a foot massage when you're wearing them and like a million little angels high-fiving my feet. They have become my go-to shoe for everything, especially in the studio. And when they came out with the cute new pastel colours?! I mean, I just couldn't resist. I dress them up by pairing them with cute dresses or just slip them on for running out the door to do errands. I get compliments where ever I go on my Crocs. Who knew?! ...Not this gal. 


3. Deep Tissue Massage Gun

This purchase was a bit of a splurge but a total game-changer. I have terrible posture and a pre-existing shoulder and neck injury from a car accident, so my upper body is always in need of TLC. Enter the gun! I use this every couple of days to treat my sore spots and it's also amazing for post-workout recovery, and even headaches!


4. KVD Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lip Colour in "A-Go-Go"

If you know me, you know I loooooove lipstick. I just can't live without a bold lip moment! If I could only choose one make-up product to use for the rest of my life, it's this. This colour, in my opinion, is the perfect bright red-orange which looks amazing for all occasions and seasons. I have a bunch of lip colours from the KVD Beauty line but this one is the highlight for me. I love the consistency and the application of this liquid lipstick, it doesn't go anywhere. I truly prefer a matte lip but that's a preference that's solely between everyone and their make-up god. I like to prep my lips with a plumping product or a good coat of Burt's Bees to get that moisture on lock!


5. Subi Superfood Non-Flavoured Super Juice Powdered Greens

I am a coffee girl through and through but after a certain point in the day, I just cannot handle a hot caffeinated beverage. This stuff does the trick, it's got matcha and spirulina and has around 8 servings of fruits and vegetables, which I just do not get enough of. Sometimes I forget to eat until like 3 p.m. which isn't good for anyone, let's be honest. I usually drink this when I need a pick me up, it has a great flavour when mixed with a little O.J. and water! And truly, my energy just soars after chugging this drink with absolutely no crash because it's plant-based. 


Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any controversial thoughts or opinions about Crocs? Leave a comment below or shoot me your thoughts! 


- Amanda




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