Amanda is the designer & babe-in-chief of Night Moves Atelier. She is a former printmaking student, a cat-mom of 2, and has been a handmade maker for a lifetime. She is constantly experimenting with new mediums but her love of polymer clay and resin runs the deepest.
FUN FACT: While attending art school in Toronto, she used to fashion polymer clay magnets and brooches into quirky foods to sell at zine & craft fairs in order to make rent and enough money for beer.
When Amanda isn't making jewelry, you can probably find her with her hand in a bag of Doritos, listening to true crime podcasts, or having a nap.


Josh is Night Moves' new hunky shop assistant & shipping co-ordinator. He has a heart o' gold and a passion for creative pursuits.

He loves gummy bears and 8 times out of 10 can accurately predict what time it is without even looking at a clock. (It's actually really, really impressive)

Amanda & Josh currently reside just northeast of Toronto, Ontario by the Trent-Severn area, where they work out of their home studio, Night Moves HQ.