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Polymer clay pieces are a new trend in jewellery and there is little written about how to care for it properly! These are my tried and tested recommendations for keeping your clay babes in tip-top condition. 

TIP #1

Don't bend or twist/flex or fidget with the clay pieces. They can break under forced exertion.  Don't swim in your earrings or exercise in them.

TIP #2

To clean your earrings from things like natural oils, dirt and build-up from hair & make-up products, clean with an unscented baby wipe or a mild face wash + a cotton cloth. If the make-up mess is real, use some rubbing alcohol instead of water. 
Air dry flat, sit back and let the glow up happen!


TIP #3

Not wearing them? Put them away safely. 
We all know the perils of leaving small, shiny items unattended on the counter. When you aren't wearing your earrings, store them safely so they won't meet an untimely demise from being knocked off counter tops by pet paws, purses or your littles.

TIP #4

Taking your clay babes on vacay?
Those baggage handlers can be ROUGH on your luggage, boo.
Keep your jewellery safe by wrapping in tissue paper or fabric inside a tin or kraft jewellery box. For extra measures, wrap that in a towel or your packed clothing.

TIP #5

I highly recommend that you use the backings/earring nuts that are provided with the earrings. They are the most secure, supportive and (in my opinion) comfortable tested option.


Earrings that break due to mishandling or that have been subject to accidental falls are not eligible for replacement. Please see the Shop Policies Section for more info.
Thank you for understanding!
If any of the earring hardware has malfunctioned or is faulty, please contact me and I am happy to make it right :)